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I am a designer-maker who produces porcelain jugs, cups and cake stands, inspired by vintage textiles and ephemera. Follow me here to keep updated with my news and latest exhbitions!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The yellow wooden house

I had a very inspiring trip to a yellow wooden house in Cambridge with my two lovely friends. I had a lovely time exploring the house with its fantastic garden.
Inside is just as amazing as the outside with the yellow and blue theme running throughout with touches of red. I loved this dresser full of illustrated and transfered bone china; plates, bowls, cups, all inspired by nature and a passion for bold colours. All created by the owner of this fab house; an illustrator named Amanda Macphail who I visited during the Cambridge open studios, http://www.camcreative.net/2011/06/15/cambridge-open-studios
There is also lots of old tins, pots and pans and old treasures behind the kitchen cupboards!

I absolutely LOVE these old signs in the garden! If I had a house I would love to show off all my collections and old things in a similar way!
I also had great fun with my macro lense on the flowers..
check out the bird house...

These inspired a drawing session and I made the most of a sunny afternoon where I began drawing and collaging with my stash of old papers.
And these are the results which I am very pleased with :) Watch this space as these will be appearing as new cards very soon.

I even had time for some Christmas drawings believe it or not! These will appear at my autumn shows; the Great Northern GNCCF, Manchester in october and Made 2011 in Brighton.


  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! And I love your collages. I was going to have one of your jugs for my 20th wedding anniversary but when we went to purchase one from the Royal Exchange in Manchester they'd sold out! Apparently they go as quick as they come in. Is it possible to buy one directly from you? I wondered if the numeral '20' could feature somewhere? My email addy is crinkldy.sarah@hotmail.co.uk
    Looking forward to hearing from you

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